Instructional Materials Adoption

Access to student editions of the instructional materials being considered for adoption will be available online beginning April 20, 2016.

Click here to access the student editions

A parent/guardian of a Miami-Dade County Public Schools student may file a petition with the Clerk of the Board by July 22, 2016, in order to contest the adoption. If any petitions are received at the District by the deadline, a public hearing will be held at the School Board meeting on August 10, 2016, to address the petitions.

Click here to access the Petition to Object to Instructional Materials Selected for Adoption


To provide the highest quality instructional materials to students and teachers to substantively affect student achievement.

  • To provide leadership in identifying and selecting appropriate instructional materials.
  • To acquire, organize, and make available for use the sources of information needed to purchase and maintain the District's instructional materials.
  • To provide professional development and instruction in the use of electronic components of instructional materials.